Love Stories – Episode 9: Storge the 3rd

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Cover art by Katrina Nash of Yours Truly. Check out her work on Facebook and Instagram!

This is the tenth post of the Love Stories series. The pilot is here, Chapter 1 here, 2 here, 3 here,  4 here, and 5 here, 6 here, 7 here and 8 here.

This series just keeps evolving, beyond what I originally planned. I’d like to say that I was super organised and knew how long it would go for, how many posts and who contributed. But every week it is changing. The order, more lovers contributing love stories and more love. What the world needs now is love, sweet love.

This post is so special to me. All of them are, but this one just orchestrated itself nicely between my ribs like Hawkeye’s arrow into my heart. I don’t know the author well – I approached his sister yesterday thinking it was a good idea, with a hint of a doubt that he would even want to be a part of this. But he wrote it that day and I got it by evening. The way he wrote it is I’m sure how parents feel and what I hope to feel as a parent in the future. But what really got to me is how he spoke to his child – it was as if it was my Dad speaking to me. #thefeels #caughtthefeels

Thanks for reading xo



I define my life in moments. Here are a few moments I remember sharing with you.

The first time I met you.

I was so nervous on that day. Because I wasn’t sure you would like me or even accept me. What kind of father would I be to you? And then you said hello. And you smiled. Then you touched my arm. And quickly grabbed the ice cream I was eating without even asking me. But you were considerate enough to leave me a bit of the ice cream cone. At that moment I knew my life will be different now. I would share everything that I have or can give you. That every decision or action I make from now on will affect you. I realised I have a small girl to live for now.


The time you lost the potato sack race

You complained that it wasn’t fair. You were too small and the other kids were just too big and quick. But life is not fair. We were not created to be more superior or inferior than others. We were not created equal. We were created unique. I want you to learn to love what makes you unique so don’t compare yourself to others. Some kids are just naturally gifted potato sack racers. Especially the potato-shaped ones. But what you may lack in natural talent you can make up through hard work, dedication and practice. And I want you to be comfortable in making mistakes. I see you sometimes glance at me when you’re trying your best to do your swimming lessons. I love you for your effort so I hope you don’t feel like you owe me perfection. If you fail, you can learn and try again. Except when you’re skydiving.

The time you told me about your first crush

I’m sure he’s a nice boy. But I’m hoping that there’s more to this boy than his cool hairstyle you keep talking about. Beautiful hair does not last forever. Just look at Prince William. I hope that you end up with a boy that values you more than he desires you. I want you to know the difference between value and desire. And I hope he makes you laugh. You have such a beautiful laugh. I’d like to hear more of that. And it is totally normal and totally cool for daughters to let their boyfriends go through an interview screening with their fathers. Trust me when I say your daddy knows what is cool.


The time I didn’t buy the toy you wanted

I understand it could be hard for a child to learn the concept of money when you see me buy stuff using this magical credit card with unlimited access to funds. But we have to live within our means. And money does not grow on trees (I checked on Google). Save your money but sometimes indulge yourself. You appreciate what you have more when you have earned it yourself. Be self-reliant. I hope you don’t associate happiness with how much toys you have. That girl on YouTube may look like she’s enjoying herself but we don’t know if her father had to sell a kidney to buy all those toys. Please, don’t ask me to sell my kidneys.


You won’t be a small girl forever. And we may have less and less moments together as you grow up. But for now I will continue collecting these moments I have with you.




Your “Papi”




I forgot who I was and what I stood for in that dizzying moment. 



PreviewShe opened up to me and shared that she was raped when she was a young girl. My internal thoughts were saying, “I wish it wasn’t true” and “Is there a way this can be erased?”

Check out the next instalment of Love Stories, “Agape” will be live on Wednesday 5 July at 3 pm AEST as normal, unless something else evolves 😉



Written by Candice

June 22, 2017 at 4:55 pm

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