Numbered days

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I quit my job at the end of 2016 before accepting any job offers. I went overseas, celebrated Christmas and when 2017 rolled around, I still didn’t apply for jobs. Instead I slept, drew, tanned at the beach, spent more time with my dog, watched the whole Gilmore Girls series, cooked dinner. It was a good life. tumblr_na9pyyt82v1r7k95zo1_500


I thought that I wouldn’t get bored. I didn’t have to wake up at a certain time 5 days a week and I could fill my whole day doing the things I wanted to do. But after awhile, the unexpected happened. I became bored and restless.

After I landed a job, I started working and enjoying the 9-5 grind. Then came the weekend. Shining with promise, opportunity and sleep-ins and I remembered the TGIF feeling. Weekends weren’t as exciting when everyday felt like a weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I am so glad I took the time to rest before going back into work, but I had had enough rest.

When days are numbered, do they become more beautiful? Because they don’t just exist infinitely, but we make them beautiful, we insist on meaning and lustre in between the grey of every day. Usually when we think about our time on earth, we freak out or get all “Carpe Diem” or , more colloquially YOLO.

Consider a lifetime of endless balmy days and pleasure. Would each day be considered beautiful? Would we appreciate each day? Would it lose the shine in its monotony? If everyday was a shining day, would it just be a day? I don’t think it would lose its beauty, but it would be lost in our capacity to appreciate its beauty.

Apparently Aristotle thought and spoke a lot about happiness and in relation to it, balance or temperance. This is what is fondly referred to as “The Goldilocks Theory“. Basically, it theorises that the middle of two extremes is desirable. Between the excess and shortage. We don’t want porridge that is too hot or too cold. But porridge that is “just right”. Same with free time or sleep or food. We need the middle ground or this is the most desirable. Maybe even money or happiness. Studies suggest that up to a certain level of income, there is little increase in satisfaction.  Blow the threshold, people are “unhappy”, but once it reaches this ceiling, people are maxed out on happiness.

Teach us to number our days and recognise how few they are; help us to spend them as we should

So maybe that’s what we need to strive for, that elusive middle ground. Will that make us happier? Maybe. Maybe it will even encourage us to give ourselves a break. We don’t have to live large every day or quench an unnecessary hunger. We may even find that the glittery days are extended as we reminisce and appreciate those days more.

Grey days invite us to experience glitter again, prolonging and extending the experience.

– Tails Bigornia


Written by Candice

February 7, 2017 at 1:49 pm

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