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 This is incredible! Everyone should see this!


It’s been over a month since we got here to Melbourne. And over two since I’ve been home. Second year Netters and staff warned us about “Net time” where one year feels both incredibly long and short and I can definitely see what they mean now.

Before I go any further, let me introduce you to my team!

 Ian aka I-An / Eeyore


Philosophical, master monopoly player, my co-team leader and the person who spends the most time on hair in the house. He also rides a motorbike (and takes us out on it!) so that upped his cool points a fair bit.

Alyson aka Princess Zelda

988388_259159237592314_1599980402_n She keeps us laughing with her random, clumsy self. Totally BA (badass as the kids had to explain to me, an old person) in her aviators and leather jacket, but she’s totes a softy at heart, bringing so much love and colour to the house.


Carlos aka C-Lo


 Masterchef of the house and is the most passionate person – whether it’s about basketball, the Adelaide Crows or a good theological discussion, he will always bring the heat! He’s also always dancing – it  must be of a Latin American thing.


Marie aka Princess Jasmine

1796622_10151920507280458_526265076_n The baby of the team, but you could hardly guess. She is a young woman who is sure of herself and what she believes in and brings heaps of awesome music (she’s an amazing classically trained pianist and violinist), giggles and Japanese desserts to our house.

We live in a two-storey home, just 7 minutes out of Melbourne CBD. Our suburb is pretty cool, boutiques and delis on our street (although we can’t afford any of it!), Huxtaburger and Messina down the road (I will probably come home 7 kilos heavier) and often there are random awesome buskers on our street. We live across the road from the most beautiful church, John the Baptist and next door to some retired priests.


We have had a pretty busy schedule, doing ministry and all the things we need to do as a team. Ian, our resident statistician informed us yesterday that we had already ministered to over 400 students here in Melbourne, not including any at Archdiocese events and youth groups we’ve run. We ministered to some primary school kids on the weekend out in the country where we had the most epic water fight – I’m talking out in a paddock, a baby pool of water, two hoses, heaps of buckets and water guns. It was FREEZING and so much fun!

You know when you experience something great – like an awesome book, movie, fried ice cream, Jesus – you become an evangelist for it? Like it’s SO good that everyone needs to experience it for themselves. This is how I feel about NET life. It does get tiring and as an introvert, it’s a bit different for me to be surrounded by people 24/7, but the love, joy and ministry we experience is incredible.

There’s so much more to share and hopefully I will share with you all more a bit later.

Many hugs (because I’m a hugger now, NET has a hugging culture),

Candice oo


Written by Candice

March 29, 2014 at 11:45 am

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  1. So great to hear from and about you. Keep praying for us here in Sydney.


    March 30, 2014 at 4:46 pm

  2. SO great to hear from you! Every time I watch a roosters game, I make sure I take every opportunity to take a good sneaky photo of mini, just for you and eventually accumulate it all over the year and show you when your NET year ends. I’m so happy you’re having a great time. You so deserve it! I may be coming down to melb in May, hope to see you. ❤️ God bless.


    March 30, 2014 at 7:17 pm

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