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I’m really sad that I have very limited time and won’t have the opportunity to personally thank and affirm so many people for CFC YFC Oceania Youth Conference in Darwin. All I can manage is this lame post, I hope it doesn’t take away any heart or sincerity.

I had so many highlights from my Jesus Experience in Darwin. From the peace of the prayer room to the boisterous energy of rubbish time, from the beauty of the sunrise and the majesty (yes majesty!) of the blackout and the beautiful conversations shared with people. From the spontaneous games during meals and … I don’t know what to call it, the ‘brothers letting sisters eat first’ tunnel. The crocodiles, the beaches, the food, being surprised at how much I liked Darwin, despite the heat and dustiness. Every word said and every moment was a real experience of Christ.

On the Thursday before conference, the committee heads met at Kormilda and worshipped on-site for the first time. God showed me a scene of Pentecost and told me that after conference, each of us would have our own personal flame (Saturday night on the red dirt?), the Holy Spirit descending on each of us. Our brother, Joey even exhorted us during the final praisefest, “No one is given an experience of God without being given a mission.”

So for us blessed ones that were able to experience Him in Darwin, let’s not take this mission lightly. Let us let everybody experience Him through our obedience and through our witnessing. To all my new and old friends who I shared this conference with 🙂 Thank you! God bless, I’ll be praying for you and your individual mission.

Before I go start packing for my trip tomorrow, I just wanted to leave an excerpt from a reflection on today’s gospel.

Jesus commissioned his disciples to carry on the works which he did – to speak God’s word and to bring his healing power to the weary and oppressed. In the choice of the twelve apostles we see a characteristic feature of God’s work: Jesus chose very ordinary people. They were non-professionals, had no wealth or position. They were chosen from the common people who did ordinary things, had no special education, and no social advantages. Jesus wanted ordinary people who could take an assignment and do it extraordinarily well. He chose these men, not for what they were, but for what they would be capable of becoming under his direction and power. When the Lord calls us to serve, we must not think we have nothing or very little to offer. The Lord takes what ordinary people, like us, can offer and uses it for greatness in his kingdom. Do you believe that God wants to work in and through you for his glory?



Written by Candice

July 10, 2013 at 9:54 pm

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