Happy 10,000

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It’s taken almost 5 years and almost 100 posts to get over 10,000 views on this blog 😀 This is no big feat on the internet world, especially considering one of my favourite bloggers gets 2 MILLION views per MONTH! And probably even 12 year old tumbler’ers(?) have gotten this many hits in one day.

Nevertheless, I wanted to celebrate in a small way and I thought I had found the perfect celebration! Posting up the song that inspired the title of this blog – Too Many Questions – The Silence. But it is nowhere to be found on youtube! (I can’t even find it on my old cd anymore, so if anyone has it somewhere, anywhere and could direct me, that would be awesome!) So instead I thought I’d post my 5 favourite songs of all time. This was way too hard, there was too much pressure (self-inflicted lol) and way too many songs that I love.

So instead (Plan C). Let’s all celebrated together (but really it’s only me celebrating) while playing this song.

You would think that after 5 years, I’d be more tech savvy, but nahhhh. I better get back to work xx

Post script: Tails found it!!! (


Written by Candice

May 17, 2013 at 11:36 am

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