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Inspiration can come from anywhere: a trip around the world surrounded by colour, on the couch, reading black and white letters. Beauty inspires art. Heart break inspires music just as much as love does. It has so much power – a surge in our heart, a lift in our spirits pushing us to act, to move.

You can tell a lot about someone by what inspires them.

My sister and I are inspired by somewhat similar people. But with different circumstances. It reminds me of her entry. We’re meant to just exist in our prime.

My sister will always be a pretty, young thing. Hair long, skirt short, skin tanned. Cool without trying, hungry for whatever she can squeeze out of the world. She’s drawn to young, beautiful people finding their place and trying to conquer the world.

I, on the other hand, am inspired by young missionaries and strong families changing the world. I daydream of the world kneeling before Christ and the time when, God-willing, I’ll be surrounded by my own (gorgeous) kids.

But we can’t just fast forward to where we want to be, pause to stay forever young, or rewind to recapture our youth. Every stage of our life is a blessing and different from the last and next. In every stage, let’s surround ourselves with people and things that inspire us to do amazing things that will inspire others in turn.



Written by Candice

November 9, 2012 at 9:43 am

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