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It’s just a bleh kind of day and instead of wallowing in bleh, I wanted to spread some cheer and remind myself how great life is 🙂 Feel free to add more

Catching up with an old friend, laughing, grieving, reminiscing about the past. Meeting someone in one of your favourite bands and loving them more because they’re awesome beyond their music. Walking barefoot on freshly cut grass. When your team wins. Firstpumping to a great song on the radio. Jumping into the water on a hot day, body slicing through the delicious cold. Booking a holiday. Wind in your hair as you skate down a street and it gets so fast that you think you’re going to die. Jump hugs. Great live music. Ice blocks on a hot day. Kneeling in front of the blessed Sacrament, racing heart coming to a still. Coming out of Reconciliation and feeling so light and free that you can dance on air. An answered prayer. Knowing someone is praying for you. Seeing somebody’s life change. Sleeping in on a Saturday. A hot shower massaging the day’s worries away. Hugging someone you miss. Warmth of the sun on your skin. Holding a warm cup of coffee on a winter’s day. FINALLY being able to pee. Finally getting in bed after a long day. Holding hands. Getting a text message from your crush. Receiving flowers. Slowdancing. When a little kid remembers your name without you even having to remind them.  Running your fingers through your silky hair, not stopped once by a stray tangle.  A whiff of nice cologne. The crunchy outside and the gooey inside of a burnt marshmallow. Floating on your back in the ocean. Being able to breathe and eat properly after having a cold. Putting together the perfect outfit. Making it just in time. When someone unexpectedly makes you food. Hair free legs! When your package arrives. The smell of popcorn. Making a baby laugh. Ice cream cake. Ice cream. Cake. Laughing so hard you feel like you have abs. Getting a very sincere “thank you”. When people laugh at your joke. When you say “Good Morning” to a stranger and they smile and reply. The feeling after you clean your room. When someone loves the present you gave them.  Bromance. Seeing funny videos of cats. When your favourite band plays your favourite song at a gig. Videos of soldiers coming home to their families. Gettin unreasonably excited when reading a book and something is beautifully written. Achieving your personal best. Cooking something yum! Cheesecake.


Written by Candice

September 27, 2012 at 1:37 pm

Posted in Think.

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