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Humans have a basic need for physical contact. Particularly when people have feelings towards another, whether the feelings are anger, hurt, attraction, love. This is heightened when individuals are inebriated. If I wanted to, I could dedicate this whole blog to regaling you of many incidences of this occurrence. But I won’t. lol

At our most uninhibited, we feel the urge to touch. It’s as if it’s just natural to touch, even with complete strangers. Hormones that are no longer numbed by consciousness and inhibition, intensified by substances. This phenomenon is so prominent that Western society makes colloquial, mocking and 80% regretful use of the terms “beer goggles” and “drunk dialling”. In many cases the phrase “a drunk mind speaks a sober heart” holds true. And others it was a mistake and you either laugh at your stupidity or want to die because you’ve commited social suicide (I don’t know if it’s still ok for me as a 23 year old to be quoting Mean Girls).

But even at a young age, when our actions aren’t governed by hormones and unnatural highs and lows, we long for touch. My boss told me about her then 4 year old granddaughter who has a male best friend and they sometimes just sit around holding hands. I think you can sometimes see the quality and values of a person and their relationships in the way they touch. To heal, to nurture, to correct, to reassure, to love, to gain power, to show disinterest, to avoid conflict.

I once sat next to someone who was upset and despite their efforts to hold back their tears, they flowed like a sorrowful melody. I didn’t know whether the kind thing to do was to pretend like I didn’t see them cry or pat them on the back because I’m not close to them and they were obviously trying not to draw attention to themself and I noticed when someone hugs / touches you when you cry, you tend to cry more. So I just sat there eyes fixed forward, feigning ignorance, heart heavy and an ache in my soul that wanted to alleviate their hurt. Now I wish I would have just pat them on the back or squeezed their arm, even if it made it awkward. 

So with the weekend looming, don’t touch someone you don’t want to touch in a way you’ll regret. And don’t not touch someone you want to touch in a way you’ll regret (great English!)


Written by Candice

May 18, 2012 at 4:20 pm

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  1. *fistbump*


    May 19, 2012 at 5:35 pm

  2. thanks jus 🙂 not that you’d care, but you’re my 100th comment 😀


    May 19, 2012 at 5:41 pm

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