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When I said “YES” to the call to go to CFC Youth For Christ’s 19th International Leaders Conference in Aklan, Philippines, I immediately adopted the posture of a pilgrim.  I tried to clothe myself in humility, a hunger for Him and an attitude that God would reveal Himself. So through the headaches of booking flights, hotels, travel insurance, through the nervousness of asking work for time off, even before embarking on the physical journey, I sought out God.

How I was rewarded for my search!

The first blessing was being able to experience this journey with my fellow Australian missionaries!  I prayed for a few other Australian delegates and He blessed me with a whole 11 other people (including both my siblings and some of my best mates)! I still don’t know the significance, but I think there’s something special in there being 12 Australian delegates – like God was affirming, “Yep, this team is complete, this is who I want to come!”

In this conference, God really met me. In ways that hit me hard as soon as I experienced it and in ways that I’m still discovering now over a week later.  He walked beside us as we took every step during the conference. He fellowshipped with us in the excitement to meet new people and squealed with us when we got way too excited seeing old friends. He was present in the Aussies being amused by people being amused at our accents. He allowed me to see Him in the excellence of the venue and props. He reminded me how incredibly blessed I am to have my current and past coordinators while watching Coordinators Got Talent. He allowed us to feel His unceasing, extravagant and humble love in the hard work of service team (special mention to the service team assigned to the foreign delegates – you guys are amazing! Thanks for everything). He spoke to me personally in the sessions, in the honesty and Christ centredness of the sharings. As I, one tiny person in a sea of 6000 hearts under the twinkle of the stars, worshipped Him, holding my heart, my Magnificat in my fist to offer to Him, He accepted, smiled and opened up His arms to hug me.

In the midst of the volume and bright lights, God revealed Himself to me in the simplest way. Through the stirring of the wind. His breath blowing on our skin in the scorching hot sun, His gentle nudge reminding me to pay attention when I got distracted, His gentle cool embrace during the worship. An Almighty wind that will direct me where to go and remind me how much He loves me! The strongest message the Lord has been telling me in this pilgrimage is, “I love you, let me love you!” The more we allow ourselves to be loved by Him, the more we can love others in turn!

As I sit here reminiscing and smiling at how amazing God is, I know that just because my trip has come to an end, my pilgrimage hasn’t. Although God has shown me so many facets of His beautiful self, there’s still so much I have to see and get to know. At home, we’re met with familiarity and comfort, we’re also more prone to attack – we’re tempted by the same vices, wrought by the same frustrations, our hearts and eyes are glazed with the pattern and mediocrity of everyday life that we are blinded from recognizing the Almighty in the little things. Like the wind.

So as we get back into the rhythm of our days, let’s continue to take on the posture of a pilgrim, constantly searching for Christ, sensitive to His leading.

“When you look for me, you will find me. Yes, when you seek me with all your heart,”

-Jeremiah 29:13

The Almighty has done great things for me, and holy is his Name.

– Luke 1:49


Written by Candice

April 24, 2012 at 3:35 pm

Posted in Remember.

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    April 26, 2012 at 6:31 am

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