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So I found the below, which was inspired from the above.

I want a love that I can’t wait to grow old with just so we can be like those cute elderly couples that still hold hands type love.
I want a love that’s as strong as Hercules so if I sprain my ankle, he can carry for long distances type love. Or even if I got lazy and he totally sees through my “injured” act, but he’ll still carry me type love. But I want a love with gentle hands that can comfort our child whose scraped their knee type love.
I want a love that makes my heart stop and beat faster at the same time type love.
I want a love that gives me his cardigan because I’m cold and I keep it, even if it’s wayyyyy too big on me just so I can smell him cuz I miss him, but miss him even more type love.
I want a love that makes me laugh so hard I snort and get so embarrassed, but he loves me still type love.  I want a love like a puzzle where my head fits perfectly in his nook type love and when it’s not there, it feels like there’s something missing type love. I want a love that inspires me to create beautiful love songs, even though I don’t know how to compose type love. I want a love that defies time and gravity. Because our love would make the whole world stop and allow us to fly.

How LAME am I?! lol. I think my attitude towards love and relationships just keeps evolving and being refined, from conversations with friends, watching too many romcoms, reading blogs of rockstar WAGs, Christian books etc etc.

The cynical, commitment-phobe, closet romantic, “refined” me thinks that love…

Doesn’t need to complete me. I think God makes it so that I grow to be happy and content with myself and find completion in Him. I don’t think that there’s a massive hole where a perfectly cut, puzzle piece man goes. Instead I want love that complements the complete me and I him. Together we make each other better than we already were by ourselves. I don’t want a love that makes my heart skip a beat or stop or go faster (although I think that’s a side effect?) Instead I want a love where my heart rests and is at peace when I’m with them… perfectly content in our love. I don’t want to own them or them me, the only thing I want to own is a smile. A smile that he only smiles when he sees me, or thinks about me. I guess he can have my smile too.

But I’m in no rush. I’m willing to wait for what I want.



Written by Candice

November 16, 2011 at 10:41 am

Posted in Love.

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  1. omg this is the cutest 😉
    totally agree 100 %


    January 1, 2012 at 6:36 pm

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