Isn’t it ironic?

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That my blog and twitter are meant to document my life – the cool places I go, the amazing people I meet, the good music I listen to, the yummy food that makes me fat… but when I’m in the middle of amazing,  I don’t document it. It’s awesome to just swim in the amazing moment; float in the song, let the wave of joy move me. But my memory is poor at documentation, so despite my vain attempts to store them, the memories trickle  through my stubby fingers. So then the only time I want to tweet or blog is when I’m bored and there is nothing significant to express.

So where to draw the line? #firstworldproblem Who cares, I’ll just blurt out whatever whenever. But in the meantime… here are some memories or feelings I don’t want to forget from 2011 in no particular order…

The feeling of contentment, knowing I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be


Really feeling God in the stillness of the country in Perth

Rubbing shoulders with rockstars

Summer at the Warped Tour

Biking in Central Park

Seeing Red Hot Chilli Peppers recording the video for The Adventures of Raindance Maggie at Venice Beach!

Late night skating

Rufio, Rufio, RU-FI-OOOO! Hey!

Thirsty Merc playing The Whole World Reminds me of You and When the Weather Is Fine

Meeting Alex & Jason from Go Radio

The Saturday night worship at OYC 2011


Written by Candice

October 27, 2011 at 11:49 am

Posted in Contemplate.

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