Happy New Years

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For a better part of the year I thought my personal theme was “Being Schooled” as in, I’m crazy gangsta, it’s my final year of uni and I just kept getting shamed and humbled by the lessons God has taught me. Then for a while, I thought it was “The year of being found”. I kept searching and praying to a point of frustration for answers to questions or nudges to the rights path or even the slightest whisper of direction I thought to no avail. But when I least expected it, things found me. But that still doesn’t sit quite right.

2010 was the year that I said I wouldn’t travel but then went to two countries. The year that I got myself into greater debt. The year Natalie got even more scratched up but when I became more certain that I have a separate guardian angel in my car keeping me safe. The year of trial, frustration and sadness. The year of happiness. The year that I became more aware of my place. The year of not conquering my fear of heights, but crying on the Banaue Rice Terraces and holding on for dear life despite being harnessed when climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge. The year that Nathan turned 1. The year I became free of the shackles of study and danced in my car when I saw that I will be graduating. The year my Dad won a car. The year I went parasailing. The year I fell more in love with Thirsty Merc. The year I graduated from my SFC CLP. The year that the p and h’s and RBC were born. The year that Nicole touched Travie McCoy’s hand. The year of the family mission trip to Rockhampton. The year of crazy households. The year of the glass shatter.

Now that I’ve playing the past year in slow motion and I’ve reflected on everything that’s happened, I think 2010 would be more appropriately called “The Wait.” Waiting for things I really want or think is right for me. Sitting back and waiting to see how things would pan out. But sometimes that felt boring and stagnant. So one of my new years resolutions (which I hope will last the full 365 days as opposed to the usual 7) is to be spontaneous. Have more initiative, be more proactive, and make things happen. And wouldn’t you know it, the Sydney NYE theme tied in so well – Make Your Mark.

2010, you were a crazy kid and were pretty fun most of the time, but I’m kinda glad to see the end of you. 2011, you’re shining with promise. I’m really excited to see what you have in store for me.

Happy New Years x

RIP Kuya Sher ❤


Written by Candice

December 31, 2010 at 11:44 pm

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