22 blessings

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1. To know my God in such a loving and intimate way – to know Him and to be able to make Him known. For the gift of prayer – to have a God that is always available and always captivated by little old me.

2. The mini-society that I call family and to know that at the end of a long and crazy day I can come home to people that love me. For my “hip” parents who are such awesome parents to us, my little sister my best frenemy and my little brother the cutie. For my cool auntie “Tits” and the love of her life and all my extended family in America and the Philippines. Even my crazy  family who are so crazily distant that it’s…crazy, but still so abundant in love and memories. (Prov 6:20)

3. All the people that I call friend. For all the tears, laughs, crazy escapades and the abundance of unforgettable memories that we shared. For my girls – despite the weeks / months between hangouts, I’m so happy that it still feels like no time has past. For the boys who always have my back. For all the random groups and individual friends that I’m friends with, thanks for all the memories! (Ecc 4:9-12)

4. I am so blessed to be in the Couples for Christ community – for being the maddest second family and for the opportunities it gives me to serve. For my hooge households, my wise coordinators, my St Joseph mission partner, my cluster, the family ministries, my current and future mission areas. For all the love and support derived from this community.

5. My job that teaches me my trade and allows me to provide for my needs and even my wants.

6. My education and the ability to learn and as much as I complain, my uni. For being able to read, learn, imagine, question, debate.

7. Natalie, my trusty car, who endures my excellent motor and parking skills.

8. Technology, bridging the distance between my faraway friends and family and being able to capture moments we don’t want to forget.

9. The gift of REST and SLEEP!

10. To live in such a good country that allows me to express my thoughts and act out my beliefs. The great places it holds and the great people that make up the face of Australia. We’ll continue to pray for the best leader to lead our good country.

11. My Filipino heritage, as much as I love being Australian, I love having a culture that I’ve grown up with complete with food, traditions, funny tribal languages and to be able to experience a people that are so patriotic, hopeful and happy in whatever circumstance. And a country that boasts 7000+ islands.

12.Music, most especially music that I deem good. For the times I feel like it captures exactly how I feel and the times when I sigh from hearing a song I love that I haven’t for a really long time.

13. Laughter.

14. The world created by the ultimate designer, artist and architect and for the opportunity to explore it – for all the things I have experience and for all the things I have yet to see.

15. Food! And all the pleasure and fellowship it gives.

16. Mentos because bad breath is never fun.

17. All the trials and lows – for the reminder to go back to my God and to grow from and conquer it, because I know that He wouldn’t give me a cross that I can’t carry.

18. God’s providence for my family and I – even more than we can ever ask or dream.

19. My health.

20. My time and it’s limit.

21. The comfort of knowing that I can get through anything (Phil 4:12-13) and for all my dreams and the exciting future ahead of me (Jer 29:11).

22. LOVE 🙂 (1 Peter 4:8) (1 Cor 13:13)


Written by Candice

September 5, 2010 at 11:10 pm

Posted in Love.

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    September 6, 2010 at 1:18 pm

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    September 8, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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