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Ok so since my last blog, SO MUCH has happened.  My life has been even crazier, putting me further into debt and wearing out my body once again.  I want to share what I’ve been up not really for anyone’s benefit but my own because I have crazy bad memory and I would like to cherish the awesome memories of 2009. These are my stories in simplified dot-point form, which I may, but probably won’t go back to edit one day, take note that it has taken months to write this so and it’s the most retarded blog evarrrr…


Oceania Leaders Conference in CANBERRA

This is battling Brisbane 2005 to be the best conference that I’ve been to. Met so many people (though I forgot probably 45% of them), learned so many things and was constantly reminded of the greatness of God. Man I was inspired to the core! The theme of conference was “Step Up”. Even after the YFC NSW restructure, it still remains to be such a relevant theme. Leaders are constantly moving forward, stepping up, serving harder. (8) Harder, better, faster, stronger. Praise God! In past couple of months since OLC, there have been around 300 new members in YFC New South Wales. With God’s grace and our diligence, we will sustain our members and grow even crazier! The whole world in 10 years is too easy!

Pre & post OLC in Sydney

Before and after just rolling with my homies from different states and NZ and even NSW people that I haven’t really met. Just remember hangouts at the city, Mez’s place (lol Mez: I heard Cy and RON lol! Noel: I thought she was just being filo and kept saying she instead of he lmao, yeah Mez, Gel, Noel you know what I’m talking about), my place, Karla making me cry at the airport, CLUBBING FAIL, Qwaynes place (Hey hey you you I don’t like your girlfriend), Pho 🙂

Melbourne … at Melbourne

First flight by myself, first fully funded trip of my own, first time away from Sydney with the girls. Although it was a bit sad that not all of us could go, but Raiza, Nicole, Jeremy and I stayed at Sig & Kathy’s place at Fitzroy, close to the city. I fell in love with Melbourne and kinda decided to move there after I graduate to work or something. But after going to Paddington, where it is almost identical but cuter and in Sydney, I was like nah yeah. Sydney is the best.  BUT Melbourne is so enchanting with its little random shops and cafes (Ohhh yeah there was totally a cafe called Black Pearl, sup old Sydney household), the awesome transportation system, the fashion, the little side markets. Loved it and so did St. George bank, with my credit card getting mad exercise.


Tita’s Wedding in Sydney

Yay so my Auntie married the love of her life and they are the cutest. It was a mad intimate wedding, like 30ish people and they are so in love, like teenagers who are courting but without the gross making out everywhere.& the fambam on my Mum’s side came down to the land down under. Man my mum’s sisters are so crazy!! No wonder my sister and I are crazy…

Road Trip to Hunter Valley

For my sister’s birthday and because my cousins and aunties were in town for the nuptials, we headed down to HV for some fun. Seriously felt like we were in a different continent…

Ink / Cay finally turning 18

So my sister finally turned 18 so we had a couple of drinks at home with Ate Glen, Donico, Sha Chona. Heaps funny night where I of all people played the responsible bartender guy. AND for my sisters 18th present, I got her a tattoo. Because she didn’t know what to get and it was her birthday, I let her copy me. So now we have matching tatts of our surname on our left wrist.


My 21st

Good times… Darwin came in from NZ on the Friday morning, Kit came from RADelaide that arvo. We had lunch with Maria at Cabramatta lol.We went to Hooters where like I got embarrassed about stuff. Then Max B’s til midnight aka my actual birthday 😀 Saturday went to get eyelash and hair extensions lool had a mad chat with Felicia during. Then off to the park for Fairfield fellowship / me & Ej’s birthday. Then party time! I felt bad because I didn’t invite that many people, so there were people that weren’t there that I would have wanted there but then my house would be too packed like my 18th. ANYWAY. I had a really good time 😀 OH yeah it was a costume party, I dressed up as an angel a la Claire Danes in Romeo & Juliet. Other notable costumes were Kit as Duffman, Vince as Bugs Bunny, Ian as Jack Sparrow, Marianne as Scooby Doo, Leanne as mental patient (lol the twins were equally as good as what I wanted them to come as which was Bananas in Pajamas lol), Marc as a knight (he and I matched in the Romeo & juliet theme), Kurt as Harry Potter, Nelson as the Joker, TJ as man whose pants keep falling down lol, Chona as Lady Gaga etc 🙂

Everyone else’s 21st

T’was the season to party. Was good to hang out with the girls again. I practically saw them every week for 2 months, which is wierd because I hardly ever see them, sorry girls… this included Kim’s @ Terrigal, Raiza’s at the Docks & Mertion apartments, Felicia’s at some hotel and 1988 prom night at Burdekin hotel.


Perth Covenant Orientation

My first proper mission trip! Full love the kids there! Fozza mozzaaaa, Fia haha…. Man I can fully envision them to be bigger than Sydney, stronger, with Kaycee as the sector head haha.

Kenny V concert @ the Gaelic (I think):

The leader singer from the Starting Line. He was amazing, although it would have been better as a whole band. I was ready to die when he sang Playing Favourites.


Birth of Nathan Scott Bean 12th November @ Sandy’s uterus

Loveee this kid and his mama to bits ❤ gonna be the most spoiled kid ever!!

DECLARE: Praise and Worship concert

Honestly, one of the best concerts I’ve been to. I wasn’t only entertained by the hardout talent of YFC NSW, Canberra and Melbourne. In what other concert will you be able to worship and have Adoration with 900 other people? Watch out Sydney Entertainment centre, you’re next.


Sydney West Discovery Camp

Craziest victory for God man. Ron said at the beginning of the camp that this weekend would set the posture for the cluster for 2010. Seriously, after that we were standing with rod-straight backs, reaching up the sky. Amazing. Did not know that I could love my mission area any more. Can’t wait to love more people this year ❤


I chose the colour brown, because I went down for chocolate bear’s birthday. Met some awesome people, caught up with old friends and was just awesome to unwind. Although dang the weather wasn’t good aye lol. But seriously, the city seemed so small, like their city is like… Liverpool. An upgraded Liverpool. I love it though 🙂

NZ meets Sydney West

So some of the boys and Karla came down for Ate Mia’s wedding and Ralph just cause.. 😉 And saw them like every day, just chilled. Some of them spent Christmas with us, sparklers, fairy lights, karaoke… Seriously love these Kiwis like….. emo boys love their eyeliner.

2009 was such an epic year. Of course there were so many things in between.. too much to mention. CRAZY YEAR! 2010 will top it though 🙂


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February 19, 2010 at 10:36 pm

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  1. I love this post sister!!!! xoxoxoxoxox


    May 11, 2010 at 8:50 pm

  2. Thanks fatty. Still gotta do a blog about GAT!


    May 12, 2010 at 12:32 pm

  3. HAHAHAHA… man good times!! its like i fully lived some of these moment with you. woohoo for not having a boring life 🙂


    May 27, 2010 at 12:59 pm

  4. True! More this year? Second rendezvous in July? 🙂


    June 4, 2010 at 12:58 am

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