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Ok so lately, I’ve been thinking how our desires cloud our perception. Our emotions are a rose-coloured lens that filters everything we see. At the 2009 YFC Oceania Leaders Conference, I was posed with the question, what makes you blind? I insult your intelligence by dragging out that four word cliché that is blind, because I know it’s already pounding in your head. But it’s not just the l word. Blind rage, blind loyalty, blind jealousy.. All they have in common, besides having the word blind in front of it, is the obliviousness. Or maybe unwillingness to see clearly.

I was going through some old emails and I was thinking about how situations and relationships have changed so much. Then, when the feelings were raw and fresh, those emails sparked tears, hope, shock and all emotions under the sun. (Is kiligs a feeling or a description? Hm filos where you at?) Heavy contrast with the present, when I’m not in those situations, when the moment is no longer heated with urgency, leaving only a muted and bittersweet memory. Ah good times.

Then I was thinking about how our blindness affects our decision-making… yeah we all know that girl who stays with that guy because she loves him. Even though he treats her like something that comes out of a dog’s bottom because she can’t see clearly, because her feelings colour the situation differently, because she doesn’t want to see. We have all been that friend of the ill-treated lover. In your head, you’re like, “What the hizzle are you still doing in this relationhip?” But usually honey your words up a little. And we’ve all been that friend that gets frustrated because the aforementioned lover is stuck in a cycle of tears, disappointment and other such things. I guess the friend is the like the walking stick that can’t tell the blind where to go, but guides the blind from oncoming obstacles and tries to make the road easier… wow very well-articulated. And sarcasm does not translate well online.

What I guess I wanted to impart, is that we’re so blessed to have those friends that tolerate us and continue to be that crying shoulder, that listening ear and all that. And to those friends, let’s be patient.. half the time I think all people need are sounding boards to vent out all their frustration. Sometimes we don’t even need advice. And you never know when roles will reverse.

On another note, I got facebook. Yes I know I’m a lame loser freak noobface. I am so ashamed, it actually does hurt my feelings a little. And I really want to get a new piercing.

From the girl who got something she said she’d never get



Written by Candice

October 30, 2009 at 11:12 pm

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  1. God’s plan 🙂


    November 1, 2009 at 9:11 pm

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