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So. I haven’t blogged about my shenanigans since March, which is a hectic long time. Why do I feel the need to broadcast to the whole blogosphere, I hear you ask? I don’t quite know, but that isn’t the topic of this blog anyway so eh.

So in the past few months I have gone a little bit crazy. I should know better and slow down, cuz I always seem to be burned out but I’m young, relatively speaking, so I can afford to be a little bit crazy. I will blog in a crazy non-chronological order since I do not possess the gift of awesome memory.

Good Friday Walk – which was a pilgrimage on Good Friday (derr) from Granville to St Mary’s Cathedral in the city (to those unfamiliar it is 8 stops on a limited Western bound train and takes approximately 30-40 minutes by train). We walked it. That’s right. These two little size 5 (sometimes 4.5 if it’s available) feet walked all that way. 6 hours, one gigantic 5c sized blister, half a packet of Kopikos and a bottle of Mother later, Geli-beli and I finally made it to the Cathedral. We did the stations of the cross inside the Cathedral and my legs were about to give way when we kneeled before each station. All in all, it was an awesome experience and pilgrimage, gotta get fit so I don’t re-die next year.

Krudd money – It was heaps significant when I got it, cuz it meant I could finally pay of my car, so I was completely debt-free for a month, thank you Labour party, no thanks to Siren shoes or Tiger Airways.

The Fray ft. Secondhand Serenade – I have probably mentioned I got these tickets as a crazy early birthday present, which was off the hook! Played my favourite song and remixed it with Wonder Wall. The Fray are amazing! I’d see them again. Secondhand was also pretty good, but obviously couldn’t harmonise with himself so John sounds better on record. Does anyone else agree that he sounds like a more ballad-y Yellowcard?

FEM – aka YFC camp for the ladies from Sydney West. Was awesome! Didn’t know I could love those girls any more. But pG for awesome speakers, awesome milkshakes, awesome dinner, which took over 2 hours. Paawa!

Pep Rally – aka YFC pre-conference, was good! Always awesome to see awesome talents showcased by awesome brothers and sisters. Let’s get loud.

As always, there are so many things n between, random hangouts, stressful exams and assignments, service and preparations for events, work, work, work, birthdays, heartbreaks (origin), victories, insides jokes, inspirations, ephiphanies, fights… This all has made me be m.i.a. in some circles for about two months and in that time so much has happened! Oh my goodness, it’s kinda frightening how things can change so dramatically and so quickly. So to my friends, I’m sorry I’ve dogged so many things lately, especially if I’ve acted too busy to care. I will probably do this again in the future so sorry in advance, but know that I do care very much, sometimes I’m just a little bit oblivious and wrapped up in my own crazy life. So just smack me around a little and I should snap out of it. But I will love you forever, and not the forever that you say in year 6 when you promise to be friends forever and lose touch in a year, but forever as in we will be family friends and our kids can be friends too and we will all go on family holidays together and play mahjong when we retire like we planned kind of forever.

Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don’t worry; God never blinks.


Written by Candice

June 29, 2009 at 10:43 pm

Posted in Remember.

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  1. epic quote to end it.

    guess who

    July 21, 2009 at 5:01 am

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