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Let me give you a run-down on the past three weeks:

YFC Fairfield Camp

Was le greatest!!!! Best camp I’ve been to in such a long time. Everyone was so inspiring and great and lovely lol. My heart is still bursting with love from this camp. I’m so in love with Fairfield. ♥♥♥


Heaps good. I learnt so much and got to know other leaders that I’ve never met/ never knew well, who all have their own amazing and inspiring story. This has excited me in my service so much especially for 2009. I ain’t seen nothing yet! ♥

Future Music Festival

Best festival I’ve been to (even though I haven’t been to that many). This was the Saturday of ALIVE camp and I was heaps cut that I had to leave, but it became heaps worth it! lol sorry God/ YFC. For NERD me and other small little girls aka Felicia, Sandy, Nicole and her nice friends who’s names I’ve unfortunately forgotten got right to the front!! Pharell looked me straight in the eye a couple of times, I fought some girl over Shay’s towel and at the end when he ran off, brushed Pharell’s hand. Pretty ultimate. I got heaps excited and asked to be lifted out right after they got off and missed out on front row to see Macy Gray & Kaz James perform one of my favourite songs atm! I can’t hold back anymore, I can’t hold back anymore, I can’t hold back anymo-o-o-o-ore. Another highlight was CSS live who I pretty much love now. Thanks Fel for forcing me to watch them! lol And get this, I didn’t have one alcoholic drink the whole time. And it turned out better than all my intoxicated festival adventures. ♥

NERD Concert

I think they played the same set at Future, but it sounded a whole lot better! Seriously heapppppssssss good set. WAYYY too short though. An hour for $100? Eh. But I guess my 5 glimpses of Chad was worth it lol. They didn’t play any full songs, which sucked especially since I wanted the whole of Run to the Sun & Sooner or Later. Oh Btw I fought with some ugly fat girl too for pushing in front of me and hurting me. I won ♥

YFC Fairfield Fellowship

Awesome roadtrip, including my FORGETTING MY WALLET AT CHRIS’ WHEN I DROVE. Oops Thanks heaps Ressa for driving. And my forgetting that we had to pay entry and my indecision. BUT awesome as fellowship @ Garie Beach! Beautiful as ever! Black as ever! Best chapter ever! ♥

Now for the biggie:

Colplay Concert

The BEST concert I have ever been to and will go to for a long long time. They are so GOOD. Heaps talented. They deserve fame and acclaim. Not like the Britney Spears’s of the world who are not that talented and are crazy famous. Chris Martin is a lyrical an harmonical (lol?) genius. Will is so good at drums! Heaps favourite. Oh Travis Barker has competition. AND he looks like a big tough guy and he sang a full cute country sounding song! Heaps good. He has bumped down Chad Hugo to #3 favourite musician. First place, of course is Andrew McMahon♥ (Still upset I missed Jack’s Mannequin *sadface). Seriously, Will, Chris, Johnny & Guy are all so talented. They can all sing and play guitar and they put on an awesome show, with the crazy lasers, backdrops, rotating ball things that project awesome videos, HUGE yellow confetti filled balloons  during yellow and for the last song, paper butterflies were released and it felt like they were flying to you! Haha I’m such a child, but it was so good. Even the crazy tall blonde girl who jumped and flung her body everywhere didn’t ruin our (my sister & Nelson (Happy 22nd Birthday! Awesome birthday aye @ Coldplay)) high. But mostly, their music was phenomenal, even if they didn’t play my favourite song. At some points, Chris Martin & Johnny were 3m away from where we were standing. They were so close I could smell their sweat. Ok maybe not that close but I could see it. THEY SOUND SO GOOD LIVE. I was so upset that we couldn’t find our camera and my phone died (which btw caused awesome drama with my sister and I trying to meet up beforehand.), since it can take awesome photos such as Pharell singing to me. But it’s ok. This night will be ironed into my memory for forever. *Whispers: forever! Lol freaky. Be my mirror, my sword my shield…♥♥♥

There were many things in between. Happy Birthdays & Happy House-warmings & Happy Hangouts & Happy Study Sessions & Happy coffees and icecreams and other types of foods. PGcuzLG.

I still have a lot to look forward to. The Fray Concert with Secondhand Serenade, Covenant Orientations, HHLTs, mission*. Praise God! Even if I am poor as cuz I know He will provide for what He wants me to do.

Til next time xoxo


Written by Candice

March 12, 2009 at 10:57 am

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  1. praise God! all heaps good.

    i love u noelle 🙂


    March 18, 2009 at 10:01 pm

  2. i’ve been to garie beach it is beaaaautiful hey
    thanks for finally updating this!


    March 18, 2009 at 10:38 pm

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