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1. Even though I don’t have facebook, I’ve heard about this and I’m bored at work so here I go, nukka.


2. I love God and will never be able to fathom His greatness.


3. I get heaps cut when a good show doesn’t show a trailer for next week. Don’t you want to tease me with the exciting happenings of next week’s episode? Even a little bit?


4. I’m looooooovvving the “Final” stamp and shredder at work.


5. I haven’t read or watched any Twilight and don’t plan to. I already look like a TB, don’t need to act like one. Actually, I was meant to borrow one of the books from Sammy.. but then we both forgot and now I’m over it. But I don’t the Robert Patterson is hot? But I didn’t really think Chris Breezy was hot til I saw this: Bea, Perrypie and I jizzed in our pants.  But lol at time 3:27. Yeah you know you want to see. lol at my mad tangent thinking.


6. When I was 3ish I was almost bitten by a snake. Then my mum came out Jet Li style and smacked it to death with a spatula. Ok second bit may be embellished.


7. I hardly pick up my phone when people call and forget to reply to messages alot. Sorry friends.


8. On my 3/4 th birthday, my dad pushed my head into the cake after I blew it out. And I cried like a little b. There are really pretty photos of that heart-warming moment.


9. I like asking advice from guys because they tend not to sugar coat, but I girls tend to be better at comforting.


10. I’m a really bad driver, but keep safe with my rosary on my mirror and Psalm 91 in my car pocket thing. And my car Natalie Portman is pretty easy to drive.


11. If I ever feel inclined, I have an awesome porn star name. Also Tim messaged me once saying there was a car colour called Candy Passion purple. Inspired by me, but spelt incorrectly. Hellll yeah.


12. When I really like a dress, I tend to have a stupid name for it e.g. my Blair Waldorf dress, my French maid dress, my Rag Doll dress, my naked dress, my Audrey Hepburn dress


13. I’m a visual learner/ person so I tend to tell people they look like someone. However remote the resemblance. Sorry if I offend you haha (best one was Kl & Katpee and Kl & Baulbasaur)


14. I average 6hours sleep, hence my incessant eyebags and zombie-like state.


15. I have a serious fetish for stationary *drools*


16. Every time I walk down stairs, I’m afraid I’ll slip, fall and crack my head open. Especially on outdoor stairs that’s been freshly rained on.


17. I’m thinking about another 4 tattooes. Of them, 2 will complete my installation. Whatever that means.


18. I’m heaps glad that most of my close friends don’t smoke.


19. I love my godson Enrico to bits, even if I see him close to never… I still have his Christmas present in my room. And I miss his mum heaps!


20. I love my family and extended family to bitssss. Especially my brother and sister – they are freaking hilario. And I miss my family overseas. And my grandma.


21. Everytime I ask my other grandma how she is, she says “Fine and beautiful!” and laughs really cute. My sister used to laugh like that when she was little.


21. I can play guitar, bass, drums and ukulele very poorly.


22. When I was young, I wanted to swim at Wonderland, but I didn’t bring my cossies so I went in my panties. I was the coolest kid there. (Y)


23. I’m not gonna say my friends are my everything, cuz that’s heaps gay, but I love my friends. Especially when they surprise me with how great they are.


24. I’m kinda scared to graduate uni cuz then that means I have to work full-time for real and means I have to grow up more.


25. I hope to retire really early and live the good life.


Written by Candice

February 5, 2009 at 1:38 pm

Posted in Think.

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