Still in Love (Kissing You)

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So. My sister told me that last year Beyonce ripped off Des’ree’s Kissing You. And of course I had to investigate. Initially Beyonce asked Des’ree for permission to cover and shoot a video to which Des’ree declined. But Beyonce goes ahead and does it anyway, renames it, changes up the lyrics a bit and reproduces a mediocre cover in comparison to the original. Des’ree took legal action against her for breach of Copyright and damages. Sorry folks, even if this is last year’s news, I haven’t been able to find the outcome. Beyonce probably paid someone off to halt the media coverage of this……..

I think that Beyonce’s version lacks a lot of depth and emotion… it makes me wana change songs after the first 10 seconds. Granted, she’s very talented, but she failed to capture the essence of the song, the tone that is laden with lament. It makes you long for a love you’ve never even had. If you look at the lyrics of the original, it’s beautifully written and says more in 14 lines than in Beyonce’s… ok alot more lines, there’s too many and I’m too lazy to count. If you want to make an addition to perfection, it has to reach the same level. If Des’ree made it hotter than the earth’s core, Beyonce made it… not ice cold, but as cold as the clammy hand of the boy that you had to dance with in year 9 PE (or was it year 10?).

And as much as I dislike Clare Danes (because she dissed the Philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and dislike watching two 14 year olds falling in “love” at first sight, it sure beats watching Beyonce frolicking at the beach. But I’m sure a lot of the male population would disagree. Romeo and Juliet is wrapped up in a package that only Shakespeare and Baz Luhrmann can conjure. Garish costumes, festive air, locking eyes with “the boy” through the fish tank and of course awesome background music. It was a pretty ultimate moment.

In all fairness, if I never knew the original I might have liked Still in Love. Too bad.

p.s. I think Felicia already shotgunned.. shotgan? lol.. this for her wedding.


Written by Candice

October 30, 2008 at 9:05 pm

Posted in Listen.

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  1. i heard of this before , but never actually listened to the infamous beyonce version , someone actually told me it was the desree version.. i have to disagree though.. LOL but as cold as the clammy hand of the boy you had to dance with?.. thats just…. cold.
    yihee for new blogs =]


    November 1, 2008 at 10:50 am

  2. the way you tore apart this song is exactly how I would have. completely agreeable.


    November 20, 2008 at 11:26 pm

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