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The past month has seen the collision of responsibility and revelry. The exam and assessment period for Uni has reared its ugly head, just in time for the party season, because of back-to-back birthdays of alot of my friends. The consequence of this is unhealthy consumption of birthday cake and alcohol, absolutely no time to rest (only when I stumble home the next day and sleep the rest of the weekend away) and the insufficient amount of study for my mid-semester exams. This and the fact that I don’t really do much work during the semester will result in my failure of three subjects. Only three because I have recently just passed a Company Law exam, studying the night before. So, hey maybe there is hope for me yet.

Two Fridays ago Kim chucked me a “surprise” dinner at L’olio’s (Too many apostrophes?), with Kim, Semen, Junkie, Mike, Tj (babe lol!), Paolo, Kerstin and Matt. THANKS KIM! And thanks guys for coming. Best creme brule. After a massive dinner, Palo still wanted some gelato and in the store the last 5 minutes of the Roosters/ Broncos game was playing and the Roosters were losing =(

Then we headed to Mike’s for some drinks. After bitching about the game with Mel, she handed me a tiny beer bong, of which I had 2cm and wanted to chunder. I HATE BEER. I’ve tried “acquiring” the taste, because it will be so much lighter on my wallet, but cannot for the life of me bring myself to like it. One of the boys created the “Soco bomb”, bombing Southern Comfort in Lemonade, which actually tasted OK lol. So yeah we drank and magic-miked and reminisced the night away.

The Saturday, after I effing lost my keycard to the hungry ATM, Lucky cheered me up and we hung in Gloria Jeans on Oxford for about 3 hours, no exaggeration. One of the best conversations in my lifetime. We headed to Raian’s at Operabar, and the weather was awesome, the view was awesome and the live band made the atmosphere awesome too. (Wow too much awesome in this atmosphere) During the quest to find an ATM, Ian and I had shots at some bar, who, instead of the usual Salt and Lemon, served our tequila with Oranges sprinkled with Cinnamon, which tasted awesome GREAT!

I left there about 12 and caught a cab to King’s Cross with Dom, Karen and Kim (at least I think that was her name. She was lovely though). I met up with the girlies and went to Dragonfly for Felicia’s birthday. The music was really good… For the first hour. After that I was just really bored of the repetitive music. I walked out with Sandy, Nicole and Aaron to meet up with Jessica Chan (I can never just say Jess, it’ll always be Jessica Chan) and we had a bite. Greasy food is the best after a night out. Felicia met up with us and when I went to find candles for her cake, her friend full collapsed! Right in the middle of a busy street. This guy and his very intoxicated, swaying partner (who I thought would pass out, but ironically a steady Liana did) helped her out and were so nice. It’s great to know that there are still decent people out there.

Even after this, Fel didn’t want to sleep so she and I went to find a bar and ended up in some clean looking place right across the hotel and after we ordered out drinks and had a seat at the bar, we observed everyone in the bar. From the outside, we didn’t notice how much older everyone was. And how funny they danced. It’s like those people that don’t have rhythm and try to dance sexy. Not a pretty sight. Funny, but not pretty. They were having fun though and they probably thought the other was sexy, so go them?!

Last Friday after work I caught the shops that closed late at TGV and Pitt Street and found a bargain or two. Go me. Then I met up with Jaynal and Lucky and we had a coffee. We met up with the birthday girl (Raiza), Antz, Greg, Pete and Louie and headed to a Japanese restaurant, where we ate sooo much. We did not think entrées came that big! On the way back to Meriton to drop our stuff off, Sandy called and said she was at the restaurant. Noob. And I caught a glimpse of the Roosters / Warriors game and we were losing. I was so devo. Then we dropped our crap off and Felicia departed our presence to drop by St James wearing a Doraemon (?) costume! HAHAHAHA CUTEST THING EVER. It was for a “Hero” theme night by the way.

We rocked up to TANK, greeted by the hottest door guy ever. Fel met up with us again and flirted with him and (because she was drunk and at awe at his beauty) she sounded so airhead hahaha. Gotta love her. So yeah the music was so good. Had a really good time… Felicia kept wanting to do Chartreuse! It burnssssss.

We got back to the hotel and I decided I wanted to have a good sleep i.e. not have Felicia drunkenly chat to me in Japanese, so I set myself up on the fold-out. Fel, Jaynal, Gabs, Freda and I were on the balcony drinking Moscato and gossiping and reminiscing about how everyone in our group (except me) used to like Gabs. Hahahahah. Then Felicia vomited all her Chartreuse out, luckily in the toilet.

The next day, after Raiza jump started her car, the girls headed off in her car to Bondi and the boys public transported it from Central. We got there straight away and basked in the glory of the sun, along with 5million other Sydney-siders who greeted the Sun and brought out pasty skin, tatts and bikinis that haven’t been in use for a couple of lonely months. Three HOURS later, the boys join us. Stupid Sydney Public Transport System. On the way home, I was stranded at the station so I called Nelson. Thanks!!! Then realising I didn’t have my keys, he had to wait with me until my auntie brought them. When she got to my house, she realised my mum had not given them to her!!! LOL WTF. I just wanted to shower! SO we had to go back to the Church cuz it was my cousin’s Confirmation, get the keys off my mum, drop my auntie off at my cousins house and my cousin’s Grandma force fed me. Lol nah she goes just have dinner then leave! (Cuz I really wanted to study) . So yeah I had dinner while having an awesome chat with my auntie and my cousin’s grandma. Haha. Then I drove home, put my stuff away and FOUND MY KEYS IN MY BAG and showered and then fell dead asleep.

And now it’s Tuesday and although I had a pretty productive day studying, I am still nowhere near ready and since I don’t get how to fill out a Process Costing Worksheet, I stopped =D

But now it’s time to return =|


Written by Candice

September 23, 2008 at 9:25 pm

Posted in Party.

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