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I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo and am planning to soon =| But yesterday, after arguing with the nice Indian lady doctor about which number shot it was, I had my final cervical cancer shot. As the needle approached my arm, I held my breath. As it pierced my flesh and inserted cancer-preventing chemicals, I started to panic. As I started to panic, I had my doubts. I know, it was just a pinch, and my pinches probably hurt more. Sandy’s hands and Darryl’s nipples are a testimony to this. But it still hurt! And I was thinking, “How am I gonna hack it when the tattoo artist needles me continually and replace my epidermis with ink and I sprout out blood?” *Vomit* I know, I’m a big wuss. But then again, No pain, No gain, right?

And I’ll get plastered later that night to soothe the pain.


Written by Candice

September 11, 2008 at 1:42 pm

Posted in Think.

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