Little Miss Sunshine.

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The overcrowded state of my office and my workmate’s departure to TAFE before lunch exiled me to the common kitchen for lunch. After a labourious conversation with a nice mortgage broker about the traffic this morning (which by the way made my workmate and I 40 minutes late to work), I decided to flee the forced conversation and so, was driven outside to the steps outside my work. People started to come out from other offices for their lunch-time cigarette. At that moment, I wished I smoked just so I had something to do and so I didnt look so out of place. But just for a fleeting moment. Apart from feeling like a tabacco-free loser whose only friend was her iPod, I thoroughly enjoyed my brief rendezvous with the blazing sun.

The yellow sunshine was a sharp contrast to the gloomy weather on the weekend and of Winter. I got a high from bright rays that radiated of the sweet scent of promise. Promise of the sweet times, the hot nights.


Written by Candice

September 1, 2008 at 11:23 pm

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