The Split

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The main message I got from Pope Benedict’s first speech during World Youth Day was unity. That speech evoked a few emotions- awe and wonder at his wisdom and conviction, I was also impressed at his grasp of English. But the most overwhelming emotion I felt was sadness. It was as if the Pope were addressing the entire Couples for Christ community.

When I first heard about the conflict in the Philippines , I never thought that that the split would actually manifest in Australia or turn out this bad. And filter its way down through to Youth For Christ and have such a big effect.

Time and time again I see that the youth can work so well, so dynamically, and so peacefully together. Our togetherness during the World You Day week reiterated that. This, in my eyes, showed how irrelevant the split is to the youth. Yes, I know, CFC is a family ministry and so the youth must honour thy parents and in saying that, follow where they go. Or be obedient in where they are allowed to go. This has resulted in many of the youth feeling like the children of parents going through a bitter divorce. Forced to choose which parent they love more.

The split seemed so horrible and it was hard to find the goodness that God was planning through this. It was as if the root of the whole thing was pride and ego and it escalated into the division of one beautiful community. And in the aftermath there was segregation, bitterness, resentment and severed friendships.

However, during YFC’s 3rd Global Leader’s Forum, CFC’s vision of “The whole world kneeling before Christ in 10 years” was constantly mentioned. Now at the halfway mark, with the finish line being at 2013, I had a revelation.

I remember when the vision was first brought back to Sydney in 2003, I remember conjuring an idealistic vision in my mind’s eye. The whole world, literally on their knees, hands raised up in worship of the a floating Trinity overhead, a beautiful sunset in the background. Nice ideal, but then I remember thinking how impossible it seemed. Thinking about all the non-believers, the crime, the hate and just the vastness of the world is enough to discourage anyone.

Then a thought hit me (ouch). This split might be God’s way of facilitating the achievement of this vision. The split would result in twice the leaders, twice the missions, twice the visions, twice the number of people evangelized and brought onto their knees.

This was affirmed by a brother during the third session, saying that we want to turn the whole world to God, not turn the whole world into YFC. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the community, in service, in evangelising into youth groups that we forget that we’re trying, not just to bring people to the community, but to turn people to God.

This revelation has allowed me to be more at peace with the split and be more trusting in God. It has humbled me to think of the greatness of God and how His plan is so much greater than mine, or that of the community.


Written by Candice

August 5, 2008 at 12:58 pm

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